Great stuff to know if you want to visit Senja

Visiting Senja should definitely be on your bucket list. The area is like the creation in a fantasy book, with steep, raw mountains rising up from the ocean. However, Senja is not as dangerous as it may seem at first glance. Behind the protective mountains lies a quiet, bewildered and beautiful landscape with lots of fantastic scenery to discover and activities to take part in.

Reasons to visit Senja

Whether you're a nature lover seeking solace in serene fjords or an adventure junkie yearning for your next thrill, Senja has something to offer you.

Stunning Scenery: Senja is often described as "Norway in Miniature" because the island showcases all of the country's varied landscapes. From rugged mountain peaks to picturesque fjords, the scenic vistas are jaw-droppingly beautiful.

Northern Lights: As Senja is located above the Arctic Circle, it offers a fantastic opportunity to see the Aurora Borealis. Winter months are the ideal time for this mesmerizing light display.

Why you should see the northern lights in Senja

Midnight Sun: The flip side of the Arctic location is the phenomenon of the Midnight Sun. Experience endless daylight and the unique atmosphere it brings, particularly in the summer months from late May to late July.

Outdoor Activities: Whether you’re into hiking, fishing, skiing, or kayaking, Senja offers a range of activities for the outdoor enthusiast. Popular hikes include Senja's National Tourist Route and the iconic Segla Mountain.

Wildlife Watching: Senja is rich in wildlife. It's not uncommon to spot white-tailed eagles, seals, and a variety of seabirds. If you're very lucky, you may even catch sight of a whale or a pod of orcas off the coast.

Cultural Attractions: Visit charming fishing villages like Gryllefjord and Hamn, and learn about the region’s maritime history. Local museums and cultural centers offer a deep dive into the island’s heritage.

Local Cuisine: Senja offers a fantastic opportunity to try Norwegian food at its finest. Fresh seafood is abundant, and local dishes often incorporate ingredients like cod, salmon, and king crab.

Off-the-Beaten-Path: Unlike tourist-heavy destinations like Oslo and Bergen, Senja offers a quieter, more authentic experience. If you’re looking to escape the crowds, this is the place to do it.

What to do in Senja?

When you come to visit Senja there is really something for each and everyone. For starters there are numerous hikes around the island. Activities such as skiing, hikes, saunas, ice fishing, photography, sup boarding and more are just waiting for you here at Senja.

Exciting winter activities

If you want an easy way to experience most of what the island has to offer, there is already a tourist path mapped out, taking you through det dramatic outer coast of Senja. Perhaps you would like to see the beautiful nature while cycling? Here at Senja there are great cycling roads available.

How to get to Senja?

To get to Senja you can take different routes. While the closest airport is located in Bardufoss, there are more flights going in and out of Tromsø airport. From there you can take the ferry into the island. Amongst other ferries in Tromsø  you will also find ferries going to Senja by Finnsnes and Lysnes. There is also one going to Dyrøy, which is another county close to Senja.

When to visit Senja?

People who have visited Senja during one of the main seasons often come back to experience another. For instance, one popular activity during winter time is dogsledding, skiing and downhill skiing. Last one requires a skilled guide if you have no experience, but the feeling of standing on top of a steep mountain while looking down at the ocean beneath you is quite extraordinary.  Likewise, being able to experience the midnight sun and go for a swim in the turquoise waters in the summer is purely magical. No wonder people would like to do both!

Where to stay during your visit to Senja?

Depending on what sort of accommodation you are on the lookout for, there are many opportunities available. For instance, you can go camping, book into hotels, stay in cabins or go tenting on your own out in nature. Again, what accommodation you prefer is entirely up to you. If you can see yourself staying in a cabin we have three great cabins available for rent. Check them out here.

Enjoy Nature with accommodation at Senja Arctic Lodge

How long should you stay in Senja?

Did you know that Senja is the second largest island in Norway? With that said this also means that if you want to take full advantage of visiting Senja, you should opt for at least two days so you have the chance to explore the island.

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