Winter activities to do near Tromso

Looking for fun winter activities near Tromso? Here at Senja you can find fantastic activities during winter time, both calm and more adventurous. Let's look at some of our popular winter activities here, near Tromso.

Ice fishing

It is funny how a sport that requires as much patience as ice fishing does sets its mark on as many people as it does. But we can totally understand it because when you finally catch a fish the struggle and waiting time is definitely worth it. Now going ice fishing can be both a fun winter activity for the experienced fishing enthusiasts, but it is also a great way to get to spend some time with family or friends. Cause while you sit there waiting for the fish to bite you have a nice chat, drink some hot beverage and enjoy the nature! The hours go by in an instance and then suddenly the line starts to move and you can proudly drag the fish out of the hole in the ice.

Husky sledding

If you are one who loves dogs and speed then husky sledding will definitely suit you! Just imagine what it is like to sit in a sled driven by huskies, or even better – steering it yourself. Now this is a much discussed winter activity, however if you do a deep dive you will find that countless vets have stated that the dogs do in fact enjoy mushing. The dogs pulling the sled are also a strong breed  and used to the cold winter weather.

Hiking in the snow

Since the snow makes it hard to move by foot, many tour operators offer trips on snowshoes, sleds, or if you just want to play around you can sit down on a toboggan and let yourself loose down some of the smaller snow covered hills!

Here at Senja, which is located not far away from Tromso, you will find great opportunities for hiking in the snow!

Jacuzzi time

Oh yes. It is time to relax. Perhaps after an eventful day or just as part of a lazy day here in Senja. Get your bathing suit on and get into the tub. Now, you  might get a smokey effect while breathing out, but at least you are warm and comfortable in the massage jacuzzi. And maybe the aurora will dance for you.

Chasing the Northern Lights

During the winter months the sky becomes darker, the temperature colder, the air fresher and no street lights – all resulting in the opportunity to see the northern lights. Here at Senja Lodge we offer active tours taking you out into the wild to spot the light. If this is not to your liking there are also great chances for seeing the northern lights from our cabins near the waters, giving you both the light and the reflection of the light in the ocean.

Skiing down steep mountains

Now what is a winter wonderland without the chance of skiing? Here at Senja there are both ski resorts and different ski trips up in the mountains available. Sandviklia ski resort is located in Finnsnes. Here you will find a lift and two downhills to ski. In Senja you also have the opportunity to participate in mountain skiing outside the resort. The trails can be tough, and straight down steep mountains while looking down at the sea beneath you.


Did you know you can also go kayaking in the winter? During the winter season the ocean is extremely beautiful, with crisp air and crystal clear waters. Paddling in combination with the right clothes will keep you warm without a doubt. During the darkest months (november to january)you should aim for northern lights chase in the kayaks. And do not be surprised if a seal appears right next to you!