Why you should see the northern lights outside of Tromso

Are you planning a trip to the north for the chance to see the northern lights? Many people choose Tromso as a destination, and while this is a beautiful city – Tromso is not your best bet for seeing the northern lights. You might be able to see it while being there,  but it can be more clear just a few km outside the city. By going to a place less exposed the air is fresh, cold and the northern light on the sky becomes even brighter.

Why are the northern lights less visible in the city?

One of the main reasons that the northern light will not be as visible in the city as in more secluded areas has to do with the fact that the cities are prone to have more pollution in the air. The pollution spreading throughout the city also causes the northern lights to scatter. The City has many lights in buildings and streets. And from cars. All these lights make it harder  to spot the northern lights.

This is true for most cities. While Tromso is a stronger city than other cities located outside the polar circle, the showing of the northern lights in Tromso is still weaker due to artificial lights, pollution and an overall more affected air.

Opt for a more secluded area when chasing the northern lights

Because of the reasons mentioned above  you should opt for visiting a more secluded area in order to get the most out of the northern lights experience.

Now, it is understandable if the trip goes to Tromso, but if you want to see the Northern lights you should make room in your schedule to go somewhere outside the city to do this. There are many tour operators offering northern lights tours, we also have many here in Senja. Since Senja is its own entire island the sky is also less exposed from a larger city and you will find many hidden gems for northern lights spotting on the island.