About Senja

Senja Arctic Lodge offers a unique experience for those seeking tranquility and close contact with nature.

Senja is located at 69 degrees north, with great opportunities to see the midnight sun in summer and the magical Northern Lights in winter.

A meeting with Senja leaves its mark on those who experience it. At Senja Arctic Lodge, we want to make sure you have a memorable stay in Senja.

Nature north of the Arctic Circle has always had a magical attraction on humans. Senja, Norway's second largest island at 1600 square kilometers, offers areas with almost untouched nature and exciting history.

Senja is Norway in miniature and offers spectacular nature and experiences for young and old. The island is still full of untouched and undiscovered gems to be enjoyed. Genuine and pure joy is created in the meeting with the Northern Lights, the whale, the food, and the darkness of winter, or the Midnight Sun, the sound of waves, white beaches, and majestic mountain peaks in summer.

Senja has everything you want to experience in a short or long time. National tourist routes with magical viewpoints, high-quality art and cultural experiences, trolls and elves, a bustling bird and animal life.

The outer side is characterized by dramatic mountains that plunge straight into the sea, but also by idyllic archipelagos and beautiful sandy beaches.

On the inside, one finds fertile soil and a friendly landscape with rolling hills and birch forests. Inside the valleys lie pleasant villages and small farms. South Senja is mountainous with rocks and pine forests. Here is also the Ånderdalen National Park.

On the outer side of Senja where the sea and sky meet, the tourist road winds its way along the ridge above the village of Bergsbotn. On a 44-meter-long platform, you can enjoy the magnificent view of Bergsfjorden and the high mountains around.

The steep mountains that plunge straight into the sea in several places on Senja are an overwhelming sight and the most distinctive feature of the island. The road winds in and out of the fjords where the water is pure, clear, and cold. So cold that no matter how inviting the beaches with chalk-white coral sand appear, a swim is reserved for the toughest.

You can drive for miles in a dramatic landscape on a sometimes narrow and winding road, and in the most amazing places, there are small fishing villages and houses that have clung on. Senja reflects the robust and serious from a time when people had to survive on fishing and meager agriculture, but the island also shows you a soft side with cozy fjord arms. Moreover, it is so beautiful that you will wonder why you did not find your way here earlier.


Senja is like a large playground for outdoor enthusiasts who like challenges. For anyone who wants to hike, climb, paddle, dive or freeride down steep mountain slopes, Senja is perfect. There are plenty of opportunities to move around in nature. There are also simpler activities that can be great fun for both adults and children. Find one of the many beautiful beaches, follow the sea as it retreats, and run ahead as the waves come back without getting hit by the cold water. Sometimes it doesn't take much to have fun.

In Sør-Senja, we also have the old Skrolsvik fortress located on Senjehesten. Here we find cannons and other equipment from the Cold War days. An exciting place that gives thought-provoking associations. There are also white beaches and beautiful scenery.

Ersfjord Beach

At the innermost part of Ersfjorden lies Ersfjord Beach, with white, fine-grained sand that evokes thoughts of other countries and beaches. Surrounded by sharp, high mountains, this is Norway at its most beautiful. The restroom building on the site, with its triangular shape and gilded exterior, is an attraction in itself.

Tungeneset and Okshornan

At the tip of the peninsula between Steinfjorden and Ersfjorden lies the rest stop Tungeneset. A walkway made of Siberian larch leads out over the rocks, with views of the North Sea to the west and the razor-sharp mountain range Okshornan to the north.