Our partners

Get to know our partners and supporters.

We are proud to collaborate with several exciting and quality-conscious actors in the tourism industry on Senja and in the surrounding region. Here are some of our partners:

Senja Husky Adventure AS

Senja Husky Adventure offers dog sledding and is only 36 km from us. Here you can join an exciting dog sled ride and experience the beautiful Senja nature in a unique way.

Wandering Owl

Wandering Owl offers guided tours and is only 4.6 km from us at Stonglandseidet. Here you can join exciting tours and experience the fantastic nature of the area up close.

Senja Roasters

Senja Roasters are also located at Stonglandseidet, just 4.6 km from us, and is the nearest restaurant and coffee bar. We have a partnership with them so that our guests can enjoy free coffee. Visit Senja Roasters for delicious coffee and a pleasant meal.

Senja Moments

Senja Moments are located on Tranøya and are a historic rectory well worth a visit. With only a boat as a means of transport, you can experience the tranquility and serenity of the island. Here you also get accommodation in historic buildings with modern comfort, jacuzzi and delicious food. The two sisters who run the place are examples of good hospitality and have even been on the TV program "71 degrees north."

Senja Experience

Senja Experience offers guided Northern Lights tours and wildlife safaris, specifically tailored for photography. With an office in Finnsnes, they are also available for other exciting experiences in the region.

Senja Lodge & Mountain Guides

Senja Lodge & Mountain Guides are located in Mefjord (92 km from us) and are happy to take you on a mountain hike when it is safe. They also offer ice climbing for the adventurous.

Snyfjellet Gård Smådyrpark

Snyfjellet Gård Smådyrkpark is open in the summer when temperatures are good, from June to the end of August. Located only 50 km from us, it is a great place to visit with the family.

Midt-Troms Museum

Midt-Troms Museum has several interesting places to visit, such as the Kveitemuseet in Skrolsvik, Sazza with Ånderdalen museum, a local brewery and café, Children's Museum in Finnsnes, Hofsøy Bygdemuseum, Bergverksmuseets Venner in Skaland, Lenvik Museum in Bjorelvnes and many more.

Norwegian Wild

Norwegian Wild offers cabins and kayak courses and also has kayak rental and café. Located at the entrance to Ånderdalen National Park, it is a great place to start a nature experience.

Basecamp Senja

Basecamp Senja offers nice boat trips with RIB boats, storytelling and accommodation. They are located 74 km from us.

Senja Fjordhotell

Senja Fjordtell is a great place to stay and eat when visiting the region. With boat rental and proximity to local attractions, this is a great starting point for exploring the area. Only 11 km from us.

Skrolsvik Kystferie

Skrolsvik Kysferie offers accommodation, boat rental, and a new northern lights lavvo with glass walls, making this a great place to visit to experience the region's fantastic natural landscape.

Attmed Havet

Attmed Havet offers a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the region's natural beauty with yoga and accommodation.

Skagi Senja Hotel & Lodge

Skagi Senja Hotel & Lodge is a great place to stay with proximity to local attractions such as the Mining Museum and the provider Basecamp Senja.

Mefjord Brygge

Mefjord Brygge is a great hotel that offers both accommodation, restaurant, and holiday apartments. With boat rental and proximity to the region's fantastic natural landscape, this is a great place to stay when visiting the region.

Hamn i Senja

Hamn i Senja is a great hotel offering accommodation, restaurant, holiday apartments, luxurious holiday apartments, Jacuzzi experiences, bodyrafting and is a starting point for many activities.


Elvestua offers accommodation and great hosts, and is a great place to visit for a quiet and relaxing holiday.

Fjordbotn Camping

Fjordbotn Camping is a magical campsite that offers many opportunities for guests. With hospitable hosts and proximity to the region's fantastic natural landscape, this is a great place to visit when you want to experience nature at its best.


Visit Senja Region, Innovasjon Norge, NHO Reiseliv, Horn Media, Arctic 365, Itide AS Regnskap, Senja Kommune and Green Key are all important partners and supporters who help us offer our guests the best possible experience.

During the establishment, we had good support from Innovasjon Norge, Hamco Bygg in Rossfjord, Molund in Sørreisa, Næringshagen in Senja, Senja Kommune, and Visit Senja region.