Senja Arctic Lodge - a sustainable destination in Norway

This is how we run our business to be a sustainable destination in Norway

With the increasing importance of contributing to the environment these days, Senja Arctic Lodge has taken direct action and is now a Green Key certified business.

This is a prestigious eco-label that represents a commitment by us as a business that our tourism establishments are in line with the strict criteria stipulated by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE).

This programme helps us contribute to the sustainable development goals by the UN.

This has prompted us to make multiple measures in order to achieve a more sustainable stay for our guests as well as a more sustainable way of running the business.

How are we working to become a more sustainable destination in Norway?

Among other things, we are conscious about the products we offer at Senja Arctic Lodge. This includes toiletries, papers, washing chemicals, towels and energy savings. As part of the certification programme we are careful with monitoring the measures taken, including getting statistics on the energy usage and much much more. Another important aspect of being a more sustainable destination in Norway is sorting out the trash. From before we have increased the garbage handling with 50%, now sorting papers, glass and metal, compost, plastics, and regular trash. Other measures include changing out the fuel on our boats to a less harmless one.

There is more to being a sustainable destination

But there is more to being a sustainable destination in Norway than just concrete measures. Being an Arctic Lodge, one of the most important factors in creating a sustainable business is taking care of our neighbors.

One aspect that perhaps not everybody is aware of is keeping our cultural and historical characteristics known to our guests. Senja has a lot to offer and with the world being in constant change, it is also important to protect the very core of a destination such as Senja. When visiting us I promise you can learn a lot about our home. And we hope you will appreciate Senja exactly for what it is.

Being amongst pure nature it is no secret that we are very fond of our local areas and want to take care of it. It is a matter of contributing to a better future. We want our guests to sit with a good consciousness when staying with us.

Our plans for the future

For the future, we are planning to take an even bigger step and install solar systems on the roofs of our cabins. Being environmental will always be about constantly making new changes to opt for better and more sustainable solutions. This is something we always strive to do, and being a sustainable destination in Norway we try to please both our guests and the locals.

If you have any questions regarding our journey towards being an even more sustainable destination in Norway, feel free to ask us!