Airport near Senja

If you're planning to travel to Senja by plane, there are a few things you need to know. Bardufoss Airport (BDU) is the closest airport to Senja and offers car rental options from Hertz. From BDU, you can take an airport shuttle bus to Finnsnes, a small town that serves as the gateway to Senja via a bridge. The distance from BDU to Finnsnes Port terminal, where you'll find passenger boats and buses, is 46 km. From this terminal, you can take buses, airport shuttles, taxis, and passenger boats to and from Harstad and Tromsø. You can also board the Hurtigruten coastal cruise boats from here.

If you're unable to fly to Bardufoss Airport, the next closest airport to Senja is Tromsø Airport (TOS), which is located 160 km away from Finnsnes Port terminal. Whether you fly to BDU or TOS, Senja Arctic Lodge is a great place to stay and explore the natural wonders of Senja.

The Lodge offers spacious cabins equipped with all modern facilities such as kitchens, bathrooms, and Wi-Fi. You can also enjoy activities such as Northern Lights hunting, fishing, and sledding, and savor local food traditions from Senja. Book your stay in advance and make the most of your trip to Senja.