Northern Lights hunt

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From October to March there are great opportunities to see the northern lights. In Valvåg and the surrounding area there is no light or air pollution, and the opportunity to see the fantastic flames in the sky is very good, but of course we can not promise it 100%.

We can offer snowshoeing when it is snowing, and otherwise walk a little up in the heights. From here there is a formidable view all the way in addition to the northern lights experiences. We can serve something hot and a snack while we wait for the northern lights, as well as have some tobogganing activities.

It is also beautiful to look at the northern lights from the cabins located by the sea. Here you get sky and sea to "go together". A trip on a kickstand along the road is also a good alternative to seeing the northern lights.

Period: September 15. to April 1.

Duration: 3 - 6 hours

Time of departure from the cabins: 18:00 - 22:00

Price: NOK 1500 is the start ( depending on how far we go)pricefor our overnight guests at the cabins and the camping area.

The price includes: guide, hot drinks, something easy to eat, warm suit and camera tripod.

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