Experiences that do not cost money - great photo opportunities

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We are in the fortunate situation that we own a large property of 860 acres, from the sea to the top of the mountain.

There is an unusually large eagle population on the property. The eagle is visible every day. Good opportunities for close-up photography.

Seals / copper often lie on the reef outside the cabins and rest. A great experience. Otherwise, there are often moose to be seen, as well as foxes and hares.

If you want a ride on skis, there are beautiful groomed cross-country trails in the immediate vicinity of the cabins.

You can also walk off the slopes with suitable snow.

Or you just sit on the terrace and watch fish of various kinds jump and frolic in the sea. We point out that a number of halibut and sea salmon are fished in the immediate area.

For those who are interested in berry picking, you will find blueberries, cranberries, cloudberries, wild raspberries and gooseberries. Just find the bucket and pick as much as you want. The area is reserved for our guests.

Otherwise, it is an experience in itself to walk in the countryside. When you reach the highest peak, you can look out over the entire Solbergfjord, towards Vågsfjorden and the surrounding islands. A great view!

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