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Deep sea fishing

From Senja arctic Lodge it is a short way by boat to Solbergfjorden, Tranøyfjorden and to Dyrøysundet. Here you get cod, saithe, redfish, flounder, halibut, tusk and catfish, whether you use rod, trout or cheat. Mackerel and saithe are seasonal. If you go out to the good fishing spots, the chances are great to catch halibut on the grounds outside Lemmingvær, and big saithe on Ryggen nearby. And you can of course go deepwater fishing to the Andfjord if the weather allows it.

Ask us; we know where the good fishing spots are!

You can rent a boat with guide and equipment, as well as petrol, for NOK 4000 for up to 5 hours. We will fish and enjoy the skerries. We go ashore on an islet and grill! We find out along the way and depending on the weather what is nice to do.

For those who want a trip on the sea in winter, it can be arranged by appointment where we must be contacted in advance. Please note that this offer is very weather dependent, and will be at your own risk if our recommendations are not followed.


NOK 7,200 per week for a large boat (21 feet) / NOK 1,000 per day.

NOK 6,900 per week for 19 feet / NOK 960 per day.

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